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My Pregnancy 2012
The latest research and advice on your pregnancy and birth

By Kate Street |  RRP £14.99 |  Our price £14.99 |  8th edition |  Published 1st September 2011 |  ISBN 978 1 90541 093 4

Want the latest advice on pregnancy?

Most pregnancy books are a couple of years old – some are more than 5 years old. My Pregnancy 2012 is the ONLY annually updated pregnancy book available to you. It therefore gives you simply the most accurate, up to date and relevant information on what to expect when you're pregnant. Written by specialist authors including an obstetrician, midwife and mother, My Pregnancy 2012 crucially explains the latest tests for Downs Syndrome and other illnesses that can be contracted before birth and how accurate or risky they are, pain relief methods and their side-effects, changes in government legislation and maternity and paternity laws, is 'Preg Head' a myth or reality?, and nutrition, alcohol and general lifestyle advice.

In addition My Pregnancy 2012 also covers everything you'd expect to find in a good pregnancy guide. Keep this book by your side as we support and comfort you through the 9 months of pregnancy from conception, the different stages of pregnancy, body changes, antenatal care, healthy eating, exercise, looking good, lifestyle, work and relationships through to bonding with your baby and childcare.


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