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10,000 Baby Names
How to choose the best name for your baby

By Holly Ivins |  RRP £5.99 |  Our price £5.99 |  1st edition |  Published 15th June 2010 |  ISBN 978 1 90541 063 7

So you’re expecting a baby – congratulations! Now comes one of the most enjoyable, yet difficult, decisions you’ll have to make as new parents: choosing a name for your baby. We guide you through what you need to consider when making this important decision, as well as a generous helping of funny and unfortunate real names, so you know what NOT to name your baby: If your surname is WHITE don’t call your child ISLA; Check that your baby’s initials don’t spell GBH or RAT; What are the top 10 boys and girls names? Who called their baby girl SURI? With over 10,000 names, their origin and meaning, we’ll provide the inspiration and advice you need to make a choice you and your baby are happy with for life.

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