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5-a-day For Kids Made Easy

By Sally Child & Karen Bali |  RRP £9.99 |  Our price £9.99 |  2nd edition |  Published 1st April 2010 |  ISBN 978 1 90541 042 2

We all know the benefits of eating fruit and vegetables every day. But how are you supposed to get your kids to eat the recommended five portions? Or even one or two for that matter? And what exactly is 5-a-day for babies and children?

The answer is in this book. 5-a-day For Kids Made Easy gives you easy ways of making your children eat healthily and eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, with no whining or complaining from those fussy eaters. They won't even know they’re eating them. With simple methods and meal planners, and over 100 practical family recipes, you’ll be safe in the knowledge your kids are getting the vitamins and goodness they need, with minimum fuss.

Ideal for busy parents, everything is quick and easy to prepare - from lunch boxes and snacks to main meals, party food and eating on holiday. And don't worry, you don't have to spend a fortune to prepare healthy food your kids will love!

“Really useful, realistic advice and ideas for parents, including over 100 fruit and veg filled recipes that are quick and easy to prepare”

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