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How They Started Digital
How 25 good ideas became spectacular digital businesses

By David Lester and Carol Tice |  RRP £12.99 |  Our price £12.99 |  1st edition |  Published 22nd June 2012 |  ISBN 978 1 78059 089 9

How did Twitter get so big? Which company’s idea originated because the founder was forgetful? And which digital start-up’s website was worth over $1 billion dollars in just 16 months?

Discover what it is that make entrepreneurs succeed with these fascinating and inspirational profiles that reveal how an idea became a profitable business.

Whether you’re simply fascinated by how businesses are started, or you’re an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to find out how others have gone about starting their own business, How They Started Digital is for you.
The result is a book which has far more detail about how people turned ideas into businesses than any other book on the market, other than a specific biography all about one business. How They Started is the result of a substantial amount of research, almost always involving extensive discussions with the founders of each business, and several times we include detailed information we had to work hard to persuade the founders to give us!

Based on a deep understanding of business and the questions that entrepreneurs ask gained from ten years running, author and serial entrepreneur David Lester has ensured that there are good answers to these questions in the businesses profiled in How They Started Digital.

A jargon-free, easily readable series of stories of the greatest digital entrepreneurs of today, each business profile in How They Started Digital reveals:
• What that one important idea was
• How they chose their name
• Where the funding came from and how they got it
• How they overcame any obstacles to success

If you’re fascinated by business or have ambitions to be the next James Caan, How They Started will give you inspiration and an insight into the business ingenuity of digital entrepreneurs. Most of these businesses have revolutionised our commercial and social landscape. All of them started with just a really good idea.
Find out how that good idea turned into a great one.

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