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The Psychology of Price Not yet available
How to use price to increase demand, profit and customer satisfaction

By Leigh Caldwell |  RRP £14.99 |  Our price £14.99 |  1st edition |  Published 19th October 2012 |  ISBN 978 1 78059 007 3

Using The Psychology of Price, you can discover why price is a psychological issue – and how to make the most of that knowledge. Written by the founder of the UK’s leading pricing consultancy Inon – whose clients range from the BBC and to Grants Whisky and HM Treasury - The Psychology of Price offers a unique opportunity for business owners and finance and marketing professionals to gain an insight into the way consumers think and purchase – and to learn the actual research methods and pricing techniques used by multinational companies.
A practical, jargon-free workbook, The Psychology of Price demystifies a critical aspect of running a business, lucidly and logically explaining the science behind pricing so that you can generate more demand, more profit and more customer value today.

Inside The Psychology of Price, you can learn:
-How to get people to expect to pay more
-How presenting products that nobody wants can influence what customers are willing to pay
-How upselling by low-cost add-ons can increase sales and perceived value

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