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We publish within six specialist imprints

  • Crimson: specialising in business, travel, and life abroad books.
  • Pathfinder: our most recent acquisition, a hugely popular walking guide range.
  • Pocket Bibles: bestselling pocket sized gift books.
  • Trotman: the UK's leading careers and higher education publisher having published in this space for nearly 40 years.
  • Vacation Work: the leading publisher of an unrivalled range of gap year titles.
  • White Ladder: an innovative publisher of parenting, family and health books.

We aim to nurture all our lists and bring new energy and passion to the many gems there already.

How to Grow Your Business 

About our Crimson imprint

At Crimson Publishing we are passionate about providing our readers with the most relevant and accurate information that will truly improve the way they live. Our Crimson imprint specialises in business, personal growth, travel and living abroad titles.



Our books range from the Best of Britain guidebooks, perfect for those taking a 'staycation' holiday, to practical and inspiring business advice.


This year, Crimson has launched the new Successful series. This brand new series is designed to help you become Successful in whatever you do. Whether you need to learn a new skill quickly, overcome a new life challenge, or impress colleagues with your improved knowledge, Successful will help you. Written in an accessible and lively way, every book is suitable for a self-starter or for someone wanting to brush up on an existing skill. The series covers core business skills, personal development and life skills.


We are also publishing an exciting new book this autumn - The Noughties, 2000-2009: A Decade That Changed The World, a book which sums up the current decade, encompassing its lurches between triumph and catastrophe, prosperity and recession, technological innovation and celebrity idiocy; from the Millennium Dome and 9/11 to Jade Goody and the credit crunch An insightful book that defines the decade!


At Crimson we are passionate about providing our readers with the most relevant, accurate information that will truly help improve the way they live. We hope that your experience of our books lives up to that.

For more information about Crimson books click here.

Vale of York and the Yorkshire Wolds Walks  The New Forest National Park Short Walks 

About our Pathfinder imprint

Pathfinder Guides are the perfect companion for country walks throughout Britain. Each title features 28 circular walks with easy-to-follow route descriptions, all tried and tested by seasoned walkers. The routes range from extended strolls to exhilarating hikes, so there is something for everyone. They also contain:




  • Large scale Ordnance Survey mapping
  • GPS waypoint references
  • Background details of each area
  • Details of refreshment stops and parking
  • Walking safety advice
  • Information on Walkers and the Law


The Short Walks series is ideal for families, or for anyone without the time to walk the longer distances. Short Walks guides contain 20 circular walks graded by distance, duration and difficulty. Each route includes points of interest as well as a fun observation question for children, plus:


  • Clear and easy-to-follow directions
  • Detailed maps from Ordnance Survey
  • Specially commissioned photographs
  • Details of where to park.



This year the best-selling Pathfinder and Short Walks series have been rebranded with a new-look design and new illustrated 'at-a-glance' walk details making them easier to use than ever.


For more information about Pathfinder Guides click here.

The Cook's Pocket Bible 

About our Pocket Bibles imprint

Pocket Bibles are great gift books that provide their owner with a unique mix of practical tips and fascinating trivia about a subject they love. Every Pocket Bible is lovingly crafted and thoroughly researched by authors who are passionate and knowledgeable about their subject.



Covering a range of subjects, from cooking and gardening to Christmas and pet care, Pocket Bibles bring you fun facts and fascinating advice on every subject, ensuring even the most knowledgeable person will find out something new. Specially bound in hardback with quality paper cover, they make the perfect pocket sized gift for people of all ages.

For more information about Pocket Bibles click here.

Careers 2010 

About our Trotman imprint

Our highly respected Trotman imprint has been the UK's leading careers and higher education publisher for 40 years, with some 40+ new titles publishing during 2009. Definitive guides such as Brian Heap's Degree Course Offers and the best-selling How to Complete Your UCAS Application continue to help students across the UK win their place at university every year.



We publish quality, practical guidance for students from Key Stage 3 school pupils right through to post-graduate decisions and careers options for job hunters of all ages. Every person has a choice to make and our resources aid these, often life-changing decisions.


Our publishing portfolio provides information for careers teachers, guidance professionals, students, learners and workers of all ages and abilities, and for parents of those still at school. We work closely with many organisations involved in education and careers and publish a number of books in association with UCAS, CRAC, MPW and Channel 4 Learning.


For more information about Trotman books click here.

  Your Gap Year

About our Vacation Work imprint

Vacation Work is the leading publisher of books on temporary work around the world and gap year travel, helping tens of thousands of adventurers every year find jobs and careers around the world.



  • Over the past 30 years Vacation Work has put time and energy into building an unmatched range of books for anyone looking for short or long-term travel or work overseas.
  • Renowned for the quality and depth of content, the range includes Gap Years for Grown Ups and the unrivalled Work Your Way Around the World.


Charles James founded Vacation Work in Oxford in 1967; his passion lay with the gap year space, and to mark his retirement, we launched the first major new book in this sector in over five years: Hands-on Holidays - the essential guide to short-term breaks that really make a difference.

For more information about Vacation Work books click here.

Menopause: the guide for real women 

About our White Ladder imprint

White Ladder is the first choice for expert parenting and family health advice, promising you practical and unbiased information on the issues that really matter.


At White Ladder we believe in choice, and that means presenting you with a range of viewpoints from practised specialists so you can feel safe in the knowledge that you’ll receive all the expert care and support you need. Straight-talking and sincere, we’ll give you all the facts at your fingertips so you can decide the approach that’s right for you.


We pride ourselves on only publishing books on subjects that really matter to our readers. All our titles are carefully chosen and written by authors who are authorities in the field, from getting a child to sleep to caring for a relative with depression.  Most importantly, we know that everyone has a different personal experience and that’s why we will never preach; we’ll simply give you the most up-to-date and accurate facts in the most accessible way possible.


This year we will publish My Pregnancy 2011, the only annually updated pregnancy book out there, as well as the highly practical guides 5-a-day For Kids Made Easy and The Potty Training Bible. Our list of parenting and family health titles continues to grow, offering you a wealth of choice and depth of information in a style that is straight-talking, sincere and, above all, supportive.


For more information about White Ladder books click here.